Bee Buzz, Our Often Overlooked Yet Essential Workers!

I want to pay homage to these incredible animals. Although there are many different pollinators on Earth, bees do the vast majority of pollination. Bees are certainly one of the most important pollinators in the plant world. From their buzz to their stingers, bees often inspire fear. Shunned as pests, these troupers lend nature, and us, a big hand. They never ask for a raise and will work for food, – the nectar and pollen that will be turned into our honey and their winter stores. Locally in BC, there are at least 450 species of bees.

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Garlic Fest Thanks

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this year’s Garlic Festival. From great weather to great people we couldn’t have asked for more. The Festival is almost turning into an elaborate excuse to spend the day hanging out with some tremendous volunteers. :) The Food!...

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