Upcoming Workshops

July 10th 2022, 2:00pm-3:30pm

Free Bee Safari! Explore The Amazing World Of Bees!- SOLD OUT

Are you interested in learning more about the many species of bee that help pollinate our flowers and food? Come along on a walking trip at the Sharing Farm to take a closer look at our positively perfect pollinators.


We’ll see big furry bumble bees that get a buzz from the pollen on your tomatoes and blueberries. We’ll say hello to the teeny tiny sweat bees that nest in the ground and are more likely to tickle you than sting.


This walk is free and family friendly. Children under the age of 8 need to be accompanied by an adult.

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Past Workshops

June 25th 2022, 8:00-9:30pm

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Whoo is out Hunting? Nocturnal Owls in Terra Nova Park!

Join local wildlife biologist Sofi Hindmarch to learn about the nocturnal owls that live in Terra Nova Park! The evening will conclude with observation in the park where if we are lucky we may just hear or see some!

Use PROMO code: CHILD50 for 50% off tickets for those aged 8-18 years. While we love to have families at the Sharing Farm, this evening will be enjoyed by those 8 years and older.

August 21st, 2022, 1:30-3:30pm


Habitats for Pollinators

Join Master Beekeeper and Master Gardener Brian Campbell to learn about habitats you can foster for native bees and pollinators

With native bee populations declining, and over 500 species in B.C. learn how you can make a positive impact! Whether you have a small garden, or are just curious on how to help pollinators, this workshop is for you!

September 10th, 2022, 1:00pm-3:00pm

Flower Power! Botanical Dye Workshop

Join maker and natural dyer Darcy Smith for an exploration of colour on cloth.

We start with a brief discussion on the flower dye garden and bundle dyeing / flower printing techniques, then we'll get our hands on fresh and dried blooms to create stunning flower prints on ready-to-dye 29" x 29" organic silk habotai scarves.

We'll use tango cosmos, coreopsis, marigolds, black night scabiosa, and dyer's chamomile for vibrant - get ready to capture the sunshine!


At the end of the workshop, you’ll take home a personalized piece of wearable art + a new love for natural dyes. This workshop will give you an understanding of how to create your own dye projects at home using flowers from the dye garden.

All supplies will be provided!