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Helping Hands

About our
Volunteering Programs

Our Volunteer Program Purpose

At the Sharing Farm, our volunteer program serves as the backbone of our mission, empowering individuals to contribute to the community's well-being while fostering connections and meaningful experiences. Through hands-on involvement in farm tasks, volunteers play a vital role in addressing food insecurity by enabling us to donate fresh produce to those in need. 


Beyond the tangible impact, our program is designed to cultivate a sense of belonging and interconnectedness within our community. By bringing together diverse individuals, we create opportunities for shared experiences, conversations, and new friendships, enriching lives and fostering a deeper understanding of food, farming, and community.

Our Volunteering Principles

PRINCIPLE 1  Meeting people where they’re at

  • At the Sharing Farm we aim to create volunteer positions that can be adapted to suit a person’s ability and skill level.

  • We aim to create a space where you can share your skills and knowledge with other Sharing Farm community members. We believe that fostering a healthy food environment empowers community members to share their own culinary skills, cultural traditions, recipes, and gardening knowledge.

  • We promote a volunteer culture of inclusivity by using food as a tool to foster community engagement.

PRINCIPLE 2  Creating an environment of respect and community leadership

  • In service of our community, the Sharing Farm aims to dedicate adequate staff time and resources to volunteer coordination, so that the program is held accountable to the mission and principles of the organization.

  • We regularly evaluate our volunteer programs to highlight the impacts and outcomes, and how it is helping our organization achieve its objectives.

  • The Sharing Farm demonstrates to its funders how our volunteer positions are created with the intention for individuals to use and enhance their skills and knowledge.

PRINCIPLE 3  Aiming high for our organization and our community

  • The Sharing Farm actively works on reducing barriers and creating realistic criteria for involvement in our volunteering programs -- we always like to receive feedback on this!

  • We aim to engage with volunteers, create pathways for leadership and skills building, and ask for our volunteers’ input as our programs evolve.

The Sharing Farm Code of Conduct


We value diversity at the Sharing Farm. To ensure that we have a safe and welcoming space for all, volunteers must work to:

  • Make sure all people are treated with respect.

  • Address discrimination based on race, class, gender expression and identity, ability, religion, sexual orientation, cultural background, or age.

  • Ensure that incidents of ill-treatment or injustice that negatively impact a person or group of people are reported to a staff person.

  • Maintain dignity, build community, and challenge inequality.


  • You should always feel welcomed and treated as an important part of our team.

  • Your time is valuable and you are an asset to our organization. We will be respectful of your time and strive to make your volunteer work with us enriching and meaningful.

  • You should always feel safe and comfortable while you are volunteering at the Sharing Farm. If you are ever in a situation where you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please leave the situation immediately and notify your supervisor or the program coordinator.

  • Volunteers must call a staff person if there is an incident involving participants, community members, or in case of an emergency. Do not deal with incidents on your own.

  • You may be in a position where community members or other volunteers look to you for guidance. Please be professional at all times and be mindful of the impact you have on others.

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