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Who We Are

Since 2002, we have been providing access to healthy local produce through sustainable farming

and community engagement .

Our Agricultural Mission

We practice sustainable agriculture, to protect our natural environment and allow future generations to farm on this land. We use compost and cover crops to improve soil health, add nutrients, and reduce erosion and compaction. Crop rotation reduces pests and disease, as well as the need for pesticides. We use drip irrigation and mulch to help conserve water.


Our honey bees are managed using sustainable practices, ensuring bees have access to good forage. We retain honey in the hives to promote winter survival. We also actively support native pollinators and birds through forage plantings and hedgerows.

Our Vision

Access to healthy local produce for all, through sustainable farming and community engagement.

Our Mission

​We grow food and community through farming, to advance food security, reconnect people to agriculture, and champion sustainable food systems.

Our Values

We value ecological stewardship, positive action, and collaboration. We embrace empowerment and inclusiveness and act with respect, gratitude and integrity.

Our History

In the late 1990s there was very little fresh produce available for clients of food banks. Mary Gazetas and several of her friends founded the Sharing Farm, in order to provide healthy food for community members facing food insecurity. This vision continues today. The Sharing Farm annually donates on average 20,000 pounds of fresh produce to a wide range of recipients, including the Richmond Food Bank, the Musqueam Nation, community meal programs and faith-based food initiatives, as well as directly to food insecure families. We also run numerous social enterprises to help support our work. Community members are able to purchase our sustainably grown local produce through our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Harvest Basket program, a farmstand, farmers markets and an online store.

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