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What We Do

The Sharing Farm is dedicated to providing fresh, healthy, sustainably grown produce to community members facing food insecurity. Thanks to the generosity of over 300 volunteers annually, and the devotion of a small core staff, the farm is able to provide an average of 20,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables every year to the Richmond Food Bank and community meal programs.


The Sharing Farm is excited to be apart of the 2023 Richmond Local Food Map alongside 23 other local food providers. Click map for PDF version.

Staff & Board

The team that keeps things running

2. Leslie Williams - Director of Operations.jpg

Leslie Williams
Executive Director


Nureen Nagra


8. Ed Sin- Member at Large.jpeg

Ed Sin
Member at Large

3. Melad Charkhabi - Farm Manager.jpg

Melad Charkhabi
Farm Manager

Sheilagh Pace - Secretary

Sheilagh Pace
Member at Large


Brandon Kato
Member at Large

Doris Bruce- Chair

Doris Bruce

Traci Corr - Member at Large

Traci Corr
Member at Large


Shauna Shortt
Member at Large

Bob King- Treasurer

Bob King

Kyla Hochfilzer - Member at Large

Kyla Hochfilzer
Member at Large

Join Our Team

Join Our Team!

Current Job postings:

Kyla Hochfilzer - Member at Large

Become a Member

Membership in the Sharing Farm Society shows your support for the work we do in the community. Help contribute to the overall success of the Farm. Your membership will help guide the present and future of the Sharing Farm.

  • Participate and vote at General Meetings

  • Contribute to the overall success of the Society through engagement with staff, the board, and the public

  • Receive the Sharing Farm newsletter

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