Feel connected to the natural world

Get my hands dirty

socialize somewhere other than a coffee shop

Help Others

Take a break and get outside

Learn how to grow fruits and vegetables

Stop and smell the flowers

Stop and smell the tomatoes

Get Dirty. Leave With Great Stories.

The Sharing Farm is Richmond’s community farm. We strive to be an Agricultural Community Centre where everyone is welcome and bonded by a common goal to help our neighbours in need. People come to the farm to do good.

The Farm is inclusive of all faiths, genders, cultures, and abilities. We are a blend of the gregarious and introverted, the young and the wise, the green thumbed and the formerly gray thumbed, individuals and freedom from office groups.

We have a variety of structured volunteering opportunities on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. As well, there are always maintenance tasks such as weed whacking and tool maintenance that are independent of regular hours. Non-farming opportunities include virtual volunteering and Garlic Festival volunteers. Keep scrolling for more details on the different ways you can contribute or check out the calendar. We thank you for your interest and your time!

Weekday Greenhouse Volunteers

Lend a hand with tasks like seeding, watering, transplanting and harvesting some of the farms specialty crops. You’ll also help out in our beautiful herb garden. Lots of friendly people, less physical than field work, and working under cover is great for those rainy days. A healthy snack is provided. Suitable for all ages. Must be fit enough for tasks that require regular bending and kneeling.

Weekend Field Volunteers

This is a staff-led opportunity to assist us in our main fields in Terra Nova Rural Park. Lend a hand helping us with mulching, weeding, planting, and harvesting organically grown vegetables. Open to all ages and levels of ability. You will be supported by staff and work in a team to accomplish a variety of activities. Learn new things, meet new people, and have fun outside!

Corporate & Group Team Building

We invite groups and the corporate community to bring your work teams for a fun, hands-on, relatively dirt-filled day. Build team spirit and promote corporate social responsibility by giving back to the community.
 Groups of 10-60 people are welcome at a time.

Year-round Farmhouse

A wide variety of activities such as administration, marketing, PR, events, graphic design, and more! These positions often come with flexible hours and we value these volunteers for their creative strengths and recognize the number of hours that go into their projects. If you have a particular expertise and would like to share it with us at the farm, please let us know!

“We value ecological stewardship, positive action and collaboration. We embrace empowerment and inclusiveness, and act with respect, gratitude and integrity”

The Sharing Farm

Statement of Values

Get Growing

This is very strange dynamic. You work with people who are not paid. They come because they want to come. You can’t tell them what to do. You request. You appeal to their highest sense of self. They just instinctively know. They make themselves available. Together you can do amazing things.


Greenhouse Gaia