Sponsorship Opportunities

The Sharing Farm is a not-for-profit farm in the Lower Mainland with the sole purpose to provide locally grown, and nutritious food for families in need, using organic farming practices.

Your sponsorship will grow food that will help combat fatigue from poor diets, and restore food dignity to a struggling family.

Since 2001, The Sharing Farm has grown and donated over 260,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to families in need. Our work has a direct impact on the local community—reaching the plates of up to 2,000 low-income people each week.

We cannot do this work alone. We need partners—like you—to help us achieve our mission of providing healthy food to neighbours in need. Multiple sponsorship levels enable our partners to find the level of support that is right for you.

Neighbour Basket $1,000

At this sponsorship level, you will partner with us to support a low-income family in the growing season. Your donation will fund the provision of a weekly box of fresh, organic vegetables to a low-income family, (identified by the Richmond Food Bank) for fourteen weeks. These overflowing baskets— designed for a family of four—will be delivered each week from July through October. Learn more and sign up here



Bee Hive $5,000

In addition to a neighbour basket, the Bee Hive Level sponsorship sees your support of two beehives in The Sharing Farm’s sustainably managed honeybee apiary. You will become partners in our program of breeding locally adapted and organically managed honeybee colonies. Your sponsorship will purchase necessary equipment, provide regular inspections for hive health and ensure the bees have adequate forage crops. Learn more and sign up here

Farmland $10,000

At the Farm Land Level, you will sponsor a Neighbour Basket (see above), become a supporter of two bee hives (see above), AND you will become the exclusive sponsor of an acre of organically managed farmland at The Sharing Farm—yielding nutritious food destined for donation to low income families relying on food from the Richmond Food Bank. Learn more and sign up here.

Call Us Today

We welcome ideas for creating tailored sponsorship opportunities that match the unique needs and resources of your company. This could include in-kind donations, special events, employee volunteer programs, or team building activities.

Sarah Drewery, Executive Director
The Sharing Farm Society
(604) 227-6210 ext 5

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