Sponsor A Family In Need

For a $1,000 sponsorship, your company will become a partner in our program to provide healthy food for a low-income family.

crispy fresh vegetables all summer

crispy fresh vegetables all summer

For fourteen weeks, we will provide a bountiful harvest of fresh healthy gorgeous vegetables to a deserving low-income family.  (These veggies are the envy of organic markets!).  The overflowing baskets, will be delivered each week through the most bountiful part of the growing season.

Your donation will help to combat the fatigue from poor diets and restore food dignity to a struggling family.

Sponsorship Details

  • Complimentary corporate volunteer experience (normal price $20 per person)
  • Your company will be listed on the sponsorship page on our website.
  • Your company will be recognized through social media channels. This includes tagged posts/tweets with updates on what is being harvested and donated.
  • Your company’s logo will be included on our weekly Harvest Basket newsletter.
  • Your company will receive a tax receipt. The Sharing Farm is a registered charity.
  • If your company has totes/bags with your company name and logo on them, we would be happy to deliver the vegetables in these totes.
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For more information: Sarah Drewery, Executive Director

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