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West Coast Seeds

wcs_logo_small-2aIt all starts with a seed.. For the last decade, West Coast Seeds has donated approximately $2,000 worth of seeds each year to The Sharing Farm.

Having donated seed allows us to sow new crops as soon as the previous crop has gone to harvest. Otherwise, we would have to leave land out of production while the plants go to seed. We would then need to harvest and process the seed for storing. While we do save some seeds, collecting seeds for all of our crops is simply not feasible on our scale of land. The seed donations also allow us to experiment with new crops and to quickly meet the culturally appropriate produce needs of the Food Bank and Community Meals.

West Coast Seeds believes, first and foremost, in the principles of organic growing. Namely, we believe that food and all plants should be grown without the use of synthetic chemicals. We believe that growers are custodians of the land they grow on — however large or small — and that by nourishing the soil through organic gardening techniques like composting and crop rotation, the plants they grow will be more vigorous, and less demanding. We believe that food should be grown in healthy soil.


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May 23, 2016

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