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TD Canada Trust
TD Canada Trust

TD Canada Trust

Between 2012 and 2014, we have been the happy recipients of $20,000 in TD Friends of the Environment grants for diverse projects on the farm. The grants have provided for immediate and future improvements our soil and for the insects who pollinate the crops.

With the help of a special group of volunteers, the local firefighters union, we have a roof over our compost bays. The roof protects the organic matter as it’s decomposing which decreases the amount of time the matter needs to decompose and makes for better compost.

The tools purchased provide for more efficient use of volunteer time to work the soil. The volunteers were also happy to work with new tools!

“Developing Locally Adapted Honeybees and Fostering a Network of Organic Beekeepers.” The grant was used to:

  1. Expand the apiary and sustainably manage it for locally adapted and organically raised bees
  2. Host educational workshops
  3. Install an observation hive and top bar hives
  4. Plant increased bee forage on the farm.


Richmond News Report on the building of the compost bay.


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May 22, 2016

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