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Compost Tea Brewer Donated

Tim Wilson came all the way from Chilliwack to help lead a workshop on Aerated Activated Compost Teas on june 11, 2011.  He showed the participants what the wildlife in the teas looks like before and after brewing using a microscope hooked up to a computer.  And he donated a brewing kit including a powerful […]

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Global Todo List on Whiteboard

A big “job board” was created in the most central location for the students and crew – the Beumann House. On this board, jobs are categorized according to the field in which they needed to be done. Once a job is complete, a red checkmark is put beside it (very satisfying!). In this way, any […]

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sheet mulching on field 3B

Field 3B was waterlogged for a long time, and by early June was covered with grass gone to seed.  Bruno scythed the grass and left it on the field as mulch. Jill, Claire and Ben (and possibly others) then covered the cut grass in the western-most row with cardboard and large paper roll (donated by […]

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