Bee Hive Sponsor

The Bee Hive Level sponsorship sees your support of two beehives in The Sharing Farm’s sustainably managed honeybee apiary.

You will become partners in our program of breeding locally adapted and organically managed honeybee colonies. Your sponsorship will purchase necessary equipment, provide regular inspections for hive health and ensure the bees have adequate forage crops.

Honeybees face serious threats from pesticide accumulation, an array of pests and diseases, climate change, and loss of habitat. Complimentary honey will be given to the sponsor or if requested, donated to a family in need.

Sponsorship Details

  • Complimentary corporate volunteer experience (normal price $20 per person)
  • Your company will be listed on the sponsorship page on our website.
  • Your company will be recognized through social media channels. This includes tagged posts/tweets with updates on what is being harvested and donated. (Over 3500 followers)
  • Your company’s logo will be included on our weekly Harvest Basket newsletter.
  • Your company will receive a tax receipt. The Sharing Farm is a registered charity.
  • Company logo displayed on two beehives.
  • Five complimentary jars of organic honey.
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For more information: Sarah Drewery, Executive Director

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