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To date we’ve raised over $35,000 in cash & in-kind donations.

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Help us raise The Sharing Farm Barn

The farm staff and our many volunteers need raise enough funds to construct a Barn to serve as the core of our year-round charitable work. The new barn will be named Mary’s Barn after Mary Gazetas, one of the founders of the organization.

Our old makeshift garage reached the end of it’s life. This has marked the loss of productivity and efficiency. Our farm operations are now scattered under tarps, a rented storage container, and small sheds.

Our small cooler, arguably the most crucial piece of equipment that we own (as this is where fresh produce must be stored), is outside in a lean-to, where it is neither secure nor easily accessible.

The Impact

The new building will serve as the heart of the farm with a workshop, a walk-in cooler (allowing us to harvest and store ten times more produce), a seed-starting and herb-drying area, a produce processing section, a packing zone, housing for the tractor we bought with a donation from Salt Spring Coffee, and much needed centralized storage.

With this new centre, we will be able to grow, store, and pack more food to feed more people.

Richmond’s poverty rate is among the highest in Canada, and we seek to change that for the better. The new building would become an icon of leadership shown by those who understand how important it is that we all serve as stewards of our community.

Major Supporters

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  • Richmond Review
  • City of Richmond
  • Mack Foster
  • Kin’s Farm Market
  • Copperwoods Construction


What We Do

The Sharing Farm grows food to feed Richmond families in need. The Farm is run by community members for community members, and is dedicated to providing fresh, healthy, local produce to our less fortunate neighbours. The Sharing Farm operates on a tiny budget, but thanks to the generosity of our over 1,000 yearly volunteers and the devotion of a small core of part-time staff, the Farm is able to provide thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables every year to community meals throughout the city and the Richmond Food Bank.

For more information about our needs and for in-kind donations, call 604-227-6210 or email us at

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