Thank you to everyone who contributed to this year’s Garlic Festival. From great weather to great people we couldn’t have asked for more. The Festival is almost turning into an elaborate excuse to spend the day hanging out with some tremendous volunteers. :)

The Food!

Even though the fresh garlic, as always, was practically flying off our tables and the tables of the other invited garlic vendors, this year, the Chefs stole the show.

The deliciousness (actually a noun)  they served were fantastic both in taste and presentation. Plus, it was all donated. Every single one of the chefs and their staff donated their time and their kitchens to support The Sharing Farm. I had the opportunity to visit some of them in their kitchens. Most of the kitchens were mazes larger than most Vancouver housing (the older housing not the new construction definition of “spacious”) with the chefs leading separate squads of staff. Some of the chefs had smaller physical operations but no less activity. With staffing shortages across the restaurant industry, we are doubly appreciative for their efforts and donations. Going by the times I received emails, all of them are working very long hours.

Thank you to Karen McAthy from Blue Heron Creamery, Danilo Ibarra from The American Grille, Chris Savino from the Westin Grand, Karan Suri from ARC Restaurant, Jo Ong from Hyatt Regency, Rosemary Rocksalt, and the Red Wagon Cafe.

Thank you also to Brad, Chris, and the staff at Save-On-Foods Terra Nova who sponsored all of the food costs for a second year. The idea of serving family friendly healthy fare originated from Save-On. Their support made way for the addition all of the fine food offerings. As a bonus, this year they also provided coupons for 1,000 Save-On Rewards points.


Staff from Teldon have been volunteering at the festival for several years. (And been CSA members, raised funds, and volunteered throughout the year). In particular, we’d like to recognize Liliana and Monika. Monika could practically manage the festival on her own! Liliana is a graphic designer that gets text and artwork long after any reasonable sense of a deadline and turns out great cards. Oh, and one more. The volunteers who sign up to scoop ice cream for a second year. Scooping ice cream is not an easy role.

Returning Volunteers

There are some volunteers who have been volunteering for Garlic Fest longer than we could remember. There is a deep sense of relief when those volunteer registrations emails come through because we know we’re being supported by very capable hands. “How are we doing for ticketing?” “It’s good. Graham’s back.”

John, Yvonne, and Graham are three names that come immediately to mind. There are more names so please don’t feel left out. I can’t remember the names of people in my own family sometimes!


– Our Board of Directors, already volunteers, were all out in force on the day of the festival and volunteered for months leading up to the festival.

– Whites LES (Parallels) has kindly extended deep tent and table discounts. They make festival logistics easy. In a day, we’re able to transform the farm and then put it all to bed without hours of closing.

– LUSH for donating a store’s worth of product. It made festival attendees faces light up every time. “Thank you for coming. Would you would like a free bath balm from LUSH?” (No one ever says no.

– Kin’s Farm Market for the reusable shopping bags. The bags are a good incentive for people to buy more. :)

– Emily, an intern at The Farm this year, for all of the work you put in to the signage, roasted garlic, and any task that came your way.

– Last but certainly not least, the City of Richmond for their guidance and continued support towards making Richmond better for all members of our community.


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