Richmond’s first ever Bee Camp was a buzzing success! The Sharing Farm and Terra Nova Nature School (TNNS) partnered up to put on a week chock full of all things bee related, from immersive experiences in the hives to bee themed crafts, not a dull moment was to be had. 

The Sharing Farm contributed our bee hives and our master beekeeper, Leslie Williams, and TNNS brought their extensive experience as educators to create a camp for 9-12 year olds. The children learnt about many aspects of honeybees; how to spot the difference between workers, drones and queens; bee senses and the processes of swarms and mating. Daily excursions into the hives led by Leslie had the children feeling totally at ease around the buzzing bees, some even opting to go gloveless by the end of the week!

Making bee themed tasty treats and crafts were some of the many highlights of the week. The kids made candles out of beeswax (filtered using our new solar wax melter), painted the hives bright colours, and used freshly extracted honey in lemonade, popsicles, and salad dressing.

Generous funding provided by the Community Foundation of Richmond and Sage Foundation allowed us to purchase much-needed equipment to be used at the camp. The child sized bee suits, a solar wax melter, candle making materials and observation hive that were bought will all be used for bee-keeping programs in the years to come.




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