This summer at The Sharing Farm, we have been fortunate enough to have been granted funding to hire five Farm Interns. The added support during the busy summer months really makes all the difference. The Interns are university students who have shown a keen interest in organic farming, food justice, and food security. Take some time to get to know them here and if you are in and around The Farm this summer, don’t hesitate to say hello!

The Interns have only been at the The Farm for two weeks but they’ve already garnered a new-found appreciation for all the hard work and dedication that goes into organic farming.

“My time at The Farm so far has made me realize that agricultural workers, especially those that come from other countries to manage our food, should be acknowledged and paid more”. – Dee

Their studies played a significant role in their decision to apply for summer work at The Sharing Farm. Aaron, Wilson, and Paris are all pursuing degrees from UBC’s Faculty of Forestry, Dee is a Environmental Science student at SFU, and Emily is studying Communications at SFU.

“Forestry deals with invasive species, plants and managing vegetation, which directly relates to the work that we do here at The Sharing Farm.” – Aaron

“I study Urban Forestry, which concerns green spaces that are in or near the city. With The Sharing Farm being so closely situated to an urban centre, I wanted to experience what working in such an environment would be like.” – Wilson

“Alongside school, I actively contribute to a community garden near my house and I’m looking forward to building upon my gardening skills so that I can better cultivate my own garden”.
– Paris

All the best to the Field Interns this summer, I look forward to working with you all. It’s been a soggy start but the weather is looking up!

– Emily, Farm Event Intern

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