Mary G We are happy to announce that our new barn is now officially named, “Mary’s Barn,” in honor of our founder Mary Gazetas. The barn is currently under construction with a completion date scheduled for the end of May this year.

Mary was the inspiration behind and a founding member of The Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project, the original name of The Sharing Farm. She and her friends recognized the need for healthy fresh food at the Richmond Food Bank. Gazetas worked to secure a small plot of City of Richmond land to grow vegetables for the Food Bank. When Terra Nova Rural Park was created, Gazetas was invited to bring her team to Terra Nova to establish The Sharing Farm. As a result of her initiative and leadership, The Sharing Farm has donated thousands of pounds of fresh organic vegetables for low-income families in Richmond. Her vision has continued since her passing in 2012.

Mary’s Barn is only possible through the support from the City of Richmond and their dedication to the development of this project.

Mary’s Barn is community barn, supported by several community minded companies in Richmond including Rona, Kin’s Farm Market and Lafarge Cement as well as many contributions from friends of the farm from Richmond and Vancouver.

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