Richmond non-profits launch farm-based food camp for families in need

This season, three Richmond non-profits partnered to provide an innovative family food camp for food-insecure families at Terra Nova Rural Park.

IMG_3195The 14-week pilot project has grown from a partnership between The Sharing Farm, the Richmond Schoolyard Society, and the Terra Nova Nature School. It runs from July 15 – Oct 15 and serves families that are recent immigrants to the Richmond area.

The project differs from similar food programs in that it provides an opportunity not only for the adult participants, but for their children as well. Parents attend weekly cooking classes with the Schoolyard Society, that focus on quick and easy-to-prepare meals, made with freshly harvested produce grown on-site at The Sharing Farm. Both adults and children have an opportunity to explore and learn about food growing at the 3-acre Sharing Farm and Terra Nova gardens with and educators from the Nature School and The Sharing Farm.

Classes end with a shared meal and each of the eight participating families will go home with a harvest box of produce from The Sharing Farm for the duration of the growing season.

For families who struggle to afford fresh, healthy food, meal times can be stressful. While providing healthy meals, fresh produce, and food preparation skills for families in need is the most immediate goal of the program, the larger aim is to preserve food dignity and create positive experiences around food and meal times.

The Eating Wise pilot project is made possible with funding from the Canada Post Foundation and the Evergreen Foundation.

~ Guest Post by Munisha

The Sharing Farm grows nutritious healthy fruits and vegetables for families in need.

The Richmond Schoolyard Society’s food-growing and cooking programs run in schools throughout  Metro Vancouver and in the gardens at Terra Nova Rural Park.

The Terra Nova Nature School offers educational programs for children and families in an outdoor setting using an emergent and place-based curriculum.

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