IMG_1054A huge thank you to the community for making this year’s festival the biggest to date in every way (including the name!). Growing the festival into the 7th Annual Garlic Festival – Chefs to the Field was an ambitious undertaking for our small group.

IMG_9697We want to thank, many times over, the many volunteers who contributed to the event. Starting from last year, when the garlic was planted, right through harvest, festival preparations, the 70+ volunteers on the day of the festival, and post festival clean up, it was pleasure to work with everyone. We have the privilege of meeting so many amazing people in our community.

Thank you also to the restaurants, community partners, exhibitors, and vendors who created the “flavour” for this year’s event.

We want to recognise the support provided by the City of Richmond, our sponsors, and other businesses who provided the financial and in-kind support that is crucial to getting the festival going.


IMG_1053During the festival, a member of the former Save Richmond Farmland Society (the major force behind the creation of Terra Nova Rural Park), said, she loved what we were doing with the farm and festival and it’s what the group always intended to happen with the space (summary, mine.). When you think of the history of the land from First Nations, to Japanese farmers, to today; It’s important for us to show respect and gratitude to the people, the flora, and fauna from then and now.

Thank you for sharing the event with us. We hope to see you next year!

Some special mentions

  • IMG_1072Danica, the phenomenal behind the scenes public relations specialist, who creates the social and print media buzz for the last three years. (If you’ve heard about the festival, it’s because of her)
  • Flavie the artist from Le Bear, who created the beautiful artwork for this year’s poster
  • Bench Accounting who volunteered knowing they were going to set up a lot of tents
  • Our fabulous (working’ it) Board of Directors who volunteered many additional hours
  • Nathaniel who came in at the last minute and right off his shift to run a million miles of cable and set up the sound system.
  • Another thank you to all of the volunteers!
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