Artist Rendition of Mary’s Barn. Soon to be built.

Artist Rendition of Mary’s Barn. Soon to be built. As the Richmond Review (who have been providing tremendous media support) reported in February, City Council has approved the building of Mary’s Barn and they will be funding the bulk of the costs as well as ongoing maintenance in the future.

The Sharing Farm has committed $50,000 towards the barn from contributions from the provincial government, businesses, and generous individuals. These funds and in kind support were instrumental to demonstrating community support for the barn.

With our input, in October 2014, Community Services developed a business case and capital project budget for the new barn. Manager, Parks – Programs, Marie Fenwick spearheaded this.

The project started has now started and we’re working with a Project Manager and an Architectural firm.

Thus far we have

  • chosen the site for the barn
  • reviewed operational and storage needs
  • the architects have developed preliminary drawings

We have also started discussions on green building options, like solar panels on the roof and grey water recycling systems.

The City of Richmond is carrying the bulk of the costs and will also manage future maintenance. (After all, we’re in a City Park and they own the building)

We are delighted and extremely grateful for the contributions and press received during the campaign to get the project started. We value the continued support from the City of Richmond.

History and Use


The barn will replace the old Buemann garage, which was torn down in July of 2013. Since then, we have been making due with temporary storage and make shift operations shelters.

The new barn will streamline our operations and create efficiencies meaning we can grow more fresh nutritious food to the low-income families we support. To The Sharing Farm it will be Mary’s Barn, in honor of one of our founding members, Mary Gazetas.

Mary’s Barn will be a hub for the programs we host and provide a facility to deliver our mandate. Richmond’s poverty rate is among the highest in Canada, and we seek to change that for the better. Essentially, the barn will serve our needs for equipment storage, produce processing, and cold storage. It will be the centre of our farm operations for both our field staff and almost tireless farm volunteers.

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