A call out for a group or individual to create a Recycled Water Wall for the upcoming Garlic Festival. The festival is on Sunday August 23rd in Terra Nova Rural Park.

We’re striving to create a festival play space for children that’s unplugged, simple but highly engaging and imaginative. There will be an area with nothing but cardboard boxes — big ones. For crafting, there’s a free form craft with garlic stalks and leaves. At the straw pile, kids can jump in and throw it around as much as they want (and parents allow).

The water wall would be a popular addition to these activities.

What’s a recycled water wall?

A water wall for kids is an interactive play space where kids can pour water into the feature and watch it travel through one or more objects until it ends up in the ground or a bucket at the bottom. They can be simple or even incorporate water wheels or separate tracks. A recycled water wall uses mainly recycled bottles, pipes, trays, and anything that can hold or move water.

There are some sample images below.

We can provide a small budget for fasteners and the space to build if needed.

Some rules on construction

[unordered_list style=”green-dot”]

  • must be safe for kids
  • must be free standing
  • must be made primarily of recycled materials
  • no sharp edges (if cutting bottles don’t leave sharp points)
  • suitable for toddlers through kindergarteners
  • be able to add water at different heights to accommodate kids of different heights
  • preference for multi-sided structure (prism/cube etc)
  • should be large enough to have at least kids kids playing at same time


Any questions can be directed to gretchen@sharingfarm.ca

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