Pac Choi harvest day with Jacinta and Alice

I am often asked by people interested in volunteering at The Sharing Farm what they will do as a volunteer. It’s a great question, but perhaps an even better question is “what DON’T volunteers do?” It’s only mid-May, but volunteers have already come out in full force to help the farm launch the 2015 growing season. These pictures – all taken within the past 6 weeks – give a sense of the wide variety of tasks that you may work on as a volunteer at The Sharing Farm.

We are blessed with volunteers who bring a wide range of skills, interests, and knowledge. On Tuesdays, I always arrive on the farm to find Alice – a new volunteer this year – already weeding in the strawberry patch, reminding me to check for slugs hiding around the bed. On Thursdays, Michiyio, Sharene, and Jacinta come with the perfect mix of initiative and organization, along with a delicate touch for taking on the day’s greenhouse seeding requirements. We also get some “heavy lifters” throughout the week, which is great for tackling farm tasks like moving leaf mulch off the beds, moving loads of compost, and prepping the fields for planting. As one young volunteer said the first time we met: “The shovel is my friend”.

Does this mean you have to have farming expertise or the energy of a teenager to help out? Heck no! The farm is as much a place for learning as it is for teaching and sharing. We will find something that suits your skills and ability. I can only speak for myself, but I know that I learn something every time I am at the farm, and it is often the result of working with volunteers who share their gardening wisdom.

I hope these photos inspire you to volunteer on the farm this year. For more information about our specific volunteering programs, click here, or get in touch with me to find out more.

Emma Point

Volunteer Coordinator


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