SusanI made some very weird choices in my life. For me, it’s always been a higher priority that I really feel something. What’s more important than anything else is you got to feel it. If you feel it, then the enthusiasm comes. The enthusiasm is like the grease that just makes everything run really smoothly and beautifully. To me ultimately it’s about life. It’s about our experience of life. When you have that perspective, that value, it gives you permission to enjoy life from the things that you yourself have realized rather that from what society says are important.

I’ve always trusted that. There is this powerful thing that is in all of us. We are all unique and we need to discover the part of ourselves that is unique. It’s that thing that feels. That part of us that feels and it’s very very powerful. When you start to live from there and trust that; it really makes for a very rich life. It’s not necessarily rich financially, but rich in experience.


This is very strange dynamic. You work with people who are not paid. They come because they want to come. You can’t tell them what to do. You request. You appeal to their highest sense of self. They just instinctively know. They make themselves available. Together you can do amazing things. 

DiversityWhen I started off, I knew nothing about growing at this level, so take that to heart. Basically nature teaches you. so you do something, you see the results and you kinda say the next year, well this happened and we should do this, this year. Slowly and slowly everyone who is committed, who is starting to come regularly, they start to learn from their end. So now you start to be able to hand things off. You say ok, Sharene, your good at seeding. Then new volunteers come and you hook them up. All of a sudden you begin to exponentially become more and more productive. Maybe the 1st year you made a 1,000 lbs of food and by the 4th year you’re doing 2,000 lbs of food. action and reaction. seeing the results and doing better the following year.

Year to year, it’s amazing how the team bonds. What’s amazing too is that you’re giving all this away. You’re not selling most of it. You’ve just giving it away.

The farm.

I’ve had a number of opportunities in my life and I’ve chosen to go in a certain direction. The experiences that have resulted have been very memorable. I’ve never regretted making those choices. Coming to work at The Sharing Farm was definitely one of those. It’s been one of the highlights of my life. It was like a vessel that was worthy of my energy.

The birth of the sweet pea projectI gotta say this experience is a team experience. It’s all of our experiences. One of the highlights, for me, of my life, has been the experience of working at The Sharing Farm. I thank Mary Gazetas and those five women who basically were in a stage of their life where they felt they wanted to give back and create something beautiful. I think the whole world needs to shift their priorities because we are amazingly powerful. There’s a magic that happens when you do things out of love. I think that is the next level of maturity that human beings need to come to — when they discover the amazing power of acting from a place of love.

Greenhouse Coordinator

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