Martin Van Den Hemel from the Richmond Review did this amazing story on some of our volunteers. It’s well worth the read.


annalieseFor Annaliese Frauendorf, volunteering at The Sharing Farm has meant so much, it’s hard to put into words.

Aside from helping to provide nourishing food to those local fam- ilies in need, and meeting so many like-minded people that she feels at ease with, and the beautiful stress- free natural surroundings, it’s also helped her to heal.

It was 21 years ago that her son, Martin, was murdered at the Uni- versity of B.C.

“I have met a lot of great people out here,” Frauendorf said Mon- day, as she prepared a bed of soil inside a greenhouse at the farm in west Richmond. “Doing something that is really worthwhile, that gives me great pleasure and I’m really happy doing it. And to know there are people who have no money for food, that hurts me.”

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