iPhone-2014.06.25-’re into garlic harvest this week! We’ve started with the softneck garlic. A volunteer group from Vega greatly helped us make short work of the harvesting.

Ideally garlic should be harvested when it’s dry out as the drier it is when it goes to be hung up, the better. We hang it all up in a well-ventilated place to cure (dry) it for a few weeks so that it will store well into the year.

Otherwise, we’re in seeding and weeding mode. It’s been good to get on top of the weeds while they’re young so that we can leave them in the fields to decompose. Waiting until they go to seed means sending them to the city’s composting yard, which means loosing all the fertility that they would give back to our soil here. Basically exporting nutrients off the farm.
iPhone-2014.06.25-’re keeping a close eye on watering still, as the rain has been pretty intermittent. We’re also fertilizing a lot of our crops, with either fish emulsion, comfrey tea, or a side-dressing of manure mixed with some blood meal.
You may be interested in this article I found recently, for nitrogen fertlization:http://extension.missouri.edu/p/G6950. I was specifically interested in the application rate for blood meal, but the table half-way down seems pretty good too.

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