a killdeer plover decided to nest in the overwintered kale

a killdeer plover decided to nest in the overwintered kale

Notes from the field

This week The Sharing Farm will be hosting two corporate volunteer groups – BMO and MEC. Holy acronyms batman! As it’s warming up and raining a bit less the fields are slowly draining, and I’d like to take the opportunity to do some work on them in their less squishy state. Right now it’s a good time to get a head start on the persistent perennial weeds like buttercup, dock and comfrey. Also there are some early spring weeds that are going to seed, so good to chop off their little (seed) heads before they explode!

I will be moving some leaf mulch from last year to a low part of one of the fields to start building up soil there. Also, the results of the soil test of the samples Farm School took this spring indicate that the south portion of East field needs lime added to increase the Ph slightly (so says Soil Master Chris T.) So need to get on that ASAP to leave time to break down and do its job before roots of our seedlings venture down to the depths.

This week I’ve seeded broccoli and cabbage, also on the calendar is lettuce, parsley and pac choi. AND… the sun’s out today and there’s a bunch of little yellow disks in the weather report for the week. Woop!

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