image001-sYou might be wondering what’s happening at The Sharing Farm?

Well, we’ve had snowy days and beautiful blue sky days and the buds are swelling on the fruit trees.

image003-sOur longstanding, core group of volunteers are already back on the farm working in the Healing Garden. We have pruned the fruit trees, dead headed most of last year’s growth off the herbs and we are cutting back the Rugosa roses.

In the greenhouse, we are making lots of potting soil and the seeding has begun! All of the sweet peas are planted and secured from the mice, as are the pac choi and lettuce for the greenhouse and eggplant and peppers for summer.


Though we lost all the greens in the greenhouse over winter (too many days below freezing), an overwintered crop of Asian greens has survived and is growing to maturity in one of the hoops.

We have packaged the herbs dried from this past summer and sent a couple of bountiful harvests of overwintered kale to the food bank. … and it is not even spring as yet!

The fields are very soggy with water and will still need more time to dry before we can work the soil for spring planting and tilling.

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