With a $10,000 grant from TD’s Friends of The Environment Foundation and some muscle from the local Richmond Firefighter’s Union, The Sharing Farm was able to add some much needed ‘oomph’ to The Farm.

The grant allowed us to improve our composting infrastructure, purchase tools to improve our own soil production and low/no till system, and purchase enough seed to have a proper rotation of “green manures” throughout the season.

We used some of the funds to build a roof over the compost bay, which has allowed for quicker maturing time of the compost and a better quality soil amendment. The structure was built on September 18, with the invaluable labour support by the Local Richmond Firefighters Union.

The Sharing Farm is now the proud owner of a walk behind tractor (donated by Saltspring Coffee) that allows us to perform field work earlier in the year and with less compaction on sensitive soils. Being able to prepare the soil earlier allows us to extend the growing season and in turn grow more food for the Food Bank in Richmond. We purchased tools, especially wheelbarrows, broad forks, and forks, which have enabled our volunteer groups to be more productive in the fields. The volunteers are extremely grateful to have good quality tools to work with.

These changes and additions have allowed us to make improvements to the land donated by the City of Richmond (Terra Nova Rural Park). We are demonstrating our sustainable agriculture practices in an urban environment which has wide visibility to the community at large. Our practices through your support, are valuable educational assets to the community.

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