goatWe have been busy little bees this month at the farm. The sun and rain combo of June has given life to the farm, transforming it from sleepy wet rows of soil to a vibrant lush landscape of food. It is just amazing how one little seed can sprout up and produce so much food. We are only on the farm three days a week so you really notice the dramatic changes in growth as each week passes.

The chalkboard for this month was full of new and exciting tasks which included planting, transplanting, weeding, building, harvesting and field trips!

We began the month with a farm visit to Glen Valley Organic Farm. The main focus of the day was goats. The babies were so cute! We learned all the basics on how to become a small scale goat farmer. Mmmm their blocks of Gouda cheese looked so delicious.

Next up was the greenhouse construction. It was so rewarding to be involved in building something from the ground up. We powered through, digging deep down into our clay based soil. Once the holes were dug to the appropriate size and depth we used wheelbarrows to carry in the concrete to fill each hole. We then drilled in the archways in the mud and fastened down the polycoat to unveil one good looking greenhouse! Tilling up the soil inside the greenhouse with the Grillo felt good, I can’t wait to plant our first row of seeds.Greenhouse Consctruction


We finished off the month with a field trip to UBC Farm for a fun filled harvest day. The strawberries were bursting with goodness and oh the first sun ripe blueberries, wow were they ever delicious.
I am really enjoying how the program is set up. You gain both theoretical knowledge and hands on skills. We talk about our plan of action and then the next day we are out there applying it. I love it and my ear to ear grin and endless stories of the farm have excited both my family and friends. Everyone’s always asking “So, what have you been up to this week on the farm?”

June has just flown by. Actually, the last five months have flown by since farm school began. I’m Amy, a Richmond farm schooler and soon to be organic farmer. When I signed up back in January I could have only dreamt of the things I am now doing and learning. I signed up to become more skilled and knowledgeable in sustainable agricultural practices and now, just half way in, I am on my way to becoming a farmer. It seems crazy to think that in such a short period of time I have learnt so much and have gained confidence in tasks I never thought I would ever be doing. Tasks like using power drills and saws, driving the walk behind Grillo, handling massive chickens, and suiting up to open the buzzing screens from the beehives. My heart races every time we do something out of my comfort zone, but you should do one thing a day that scares you.


I believe that food is such a fundamental component of our lives. Eating local, seasonal foods wakes up your taste buds and energizes your mind, body and soul in endless ways. I am looking forward to finishing up the program over the next few months and diving right into the farming world. Although, one thing I will definitely miss when the program is over are our class potlucks, which have been amazing! It is inspiring to meet and work with my class mates and instructors and is an indicator of the great bunch of people that you get to meet when you are part of the farming community.

Happy growing,

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