Hey folks, so the weather is hot…and the forecast is hotter, so the farm is busily trying to open up the fields and get soon to be great veggies in the ground. So what was a wetter than usual Spring, has turned into a earlier hotter dryer than usual May. This is good news!

Because of these high temps, much of what was under lights has been transferred into the greenhouse. Many years, May is wet and cold, and the transition for heat lovers like tomatoes, and peppers, from the lights to the greenhouse is stressful; not this year.

This week they will be planting the cucurbits as well, cucumbers, winter and summer squash. There is a lot of potting up as well that needs to be done as the fields aren’t quite ready, but the little plants need more space. So potting up to 4 inch pots is a good way to buy this time.
The details of what needs to happen in the field haven’t changed from last week….its weed or weedwack, compost, till, plant. (and now water).

There is sooooo much that needs to get done in this 2 week period.


We could really use the extra hands this week in the fields to catch up with the weather. Check out this week’s volunteer opportunities.

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