201305Area2LLoh-15First up, what an amazing Friday practicum that was with the Kwantlen Farm School students. Thanks for all the hard labor, we got a lot done!

We got lucky and have been able to book the grillo again for next Friday’s practicum, so if you feel you want to put more mileage on that machine, there will be tilling on the agenda for next week. The grillo is an amazing tool, and the more time you spend working with it, the easier it becomes. (Who doesn’t want massive pipes of steel?)

Sasha has been moving along opening up beds as fast as she can. May is the bottleneck month for Richmond…you’ve only just started and you are already behind and everything is a priority.

In farming, the sooner you realize that everything is a priority, the faster you will work

Big items on the agenda for this week are:

  • transplanting brassicas into the ready beds in the field (kale)
  • potting up the brassicas that are still waiting for their fields to be prepared (broc/cabbage)
  • seeding winter and summer squash
  • transplanting onions into the field – if we don’t transplant them, they are going to walk…they are that ready!
  • pot up the tomatoes for seed
  • fish fert potted up plants in the greenhouse – many of the tomatoes are looking light green in color, it is time for a fish fert to give them a little boost
  • weed seed lettuce and pot up seed lettuce (cimmaron, rouge d’hiver)


This week Sasha, James, and the interns are also going to be planting potatoes. I am not sure what day they will be doing this. As a work team, the Farm School Students will be planting the second planting of the potatoes which will be happening in about 2 weeks time. Because Richmond has such a high water table we are doing a shallow plant and hilling as we go along.

The cabbage moth is in full swing out there, watch for her little beautiful white wings. She has started to eat up the brassica transplants. Make sure that they are all covered in remay.

At this point in time as we were doing our walk arounds, we really looked forward to project realistically what would be in that first CSA basket. Now is a great time to do this. Two months before the actual basket, take a look: How is my plan on paper playing out in the fields? How farm behind am I? This gives us time to project forward and also to make sure things get in.

We saw our first fava bean today. They are starting to look amazing. Favas and garlic scapes in basket number one for sure!


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