photo(14)Farmers are always trying to come up with ways create small efficiencies wherever we can. At The Sharing Farm, any improvement helps us grow more nutritious produce for families in need. Thanks to a donation from Canada Wide Communications of eight hand-held CV radios, our efforts have will now be much easier.

Until recently, we have had to rely on a frustrating combination of yelling across a field, personal cellphones, and long, often fruitless (but scenic), walks as we searched for someone we needed on the Farm. This often led to simply giving up, or worse finding the person right where the search began.

Imagine the challenges of coordinating fifty or a hundred volunteers between four or five staff, all onsite at the same time, across three and a half acres. Days such as those were exhausting at best for all concerned.

The first time staff experienced coordinating communications with radios was at last year’s Garlic Festival. Many of us didn’t know we needed them until we realized that now…. we only had to push a button.

Canada Wide Communications Donation

484887_10151983202263018_1200229156_n(1)This new communications tool quickly became a staff favourite and an absolute need for year’s to come. Those radios, however, were only on loan to the farm for a day.

Looking for a solution, we reached out to Ryan Rowat at Canada Wide Communications and they responded by donating eight radios as a long term no-cost rental, a value of around $4,000!

Their graciousness has improved our efficiency on the Farm by an order of magnitude,and we are so very proud to recognize their wonderful sense of charity.

Thanks to Canada Wide Communications, the farm staff will now be able to stay in constant communication with each other and the office staff, allowing for greater success, and happier staff, at The Sharing Farm.


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