Leigh is pictured 3rd from left.

Leigh is pictured 3rd from left.

My name is Leigh and I’m a part of the 2013 Richmond Farm School class.

Richmond Farm School and The Sharing Farm provide a great atmosphere for learning in a more hands-on approach.

There is plenty to do as the season ramps up. We have already been tramping about in the field testing the soils, learning about mulching (Salt Spring Coffee bran smells delicious) and taking stock for the coming growing season.

The Sharing Farm Orchard is also in a great location. It is somewhat surreal to be standing in a small orchard, as a gigantic car-carrier floats past, only metres away.

Lots of (repeated) introductions this month as well as we met one enthusiastic teacher after another. They each introduced us, with great energy, to each of their respective fields.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people that volunteer time and effort on The Farm. It is great to feel the sense of community here. That is something that I really value.

Barely a month in and I am already seeing ways that will apply to my goals of self-sufficiency (without moving to Alaska). I have been exposed to an entire skill-set that I had no idea even existed. Farming is far more complex than it appears on TV. From knowledge of the soils, to the breeding history of crops.

Did you know cucumbers can be grown on the roots of pumpkins? That you can test the soils by tasting them? That peroxide can be used for seed-starting? All great things I never knew.

More posts to follow, penned by my worthy class-mates. Let me just say, if you are last in line to sign up, you will very likely be first to post. :)

Leigh,  2013 Richmond Farm School  Student


*The Richmond Farm School is a 10 month program focused on providing training for those who wish to join the ranks of those engaging in local agriculture. The Sharing Farm is the practicum site for the Richmond Farm School.

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