The Sharing Farm’s Statement of Values.

Our values represent our promise to you as a stakeholder and the promise each stakeholder must make to every other stakeholder. A promise that we will make decisions and conduct our relationships at the Farm with these values, to the best of our abilities.

“We value ecological stewardship, positive action and collaboration. We embrace empowerment and inclusiveness, and act with respect, gratitude and integrity”

The following list describes (but does not entirely encompass) each value in more concrete terms:

  • Ecological Stewardship – Protecting the earth and nature, and acting as responsible stewards of the land and all that lives upon or within it. Choosing greener options wherever possible and feasible. Honouring the nature around us and caring for them so that later generations can enjoy them.
  • Positive Action – The Farm doesn’t just talk about its social mission, it acts on it. Working at the Farm in whatever capacity involves doing, not just thinking or talking. The outcome isn’t the focus; it’s the action of making our intentions real that is. All that we do, we want to do for positive reasons.
  • Collaboration – We welcome partnerships and alliances with all groups, all individuals, who have values that align with ours. The Farm is not a lone wolf; it embraces working with others to leverage our respective strengths so that together we are more effective than when we are apart.
  • Empowerment – Trusting one another to do what is right. Trusting others to achieve the outcomes the Farm needs. Having and showing confidence in one another in our work. Delegating the authority that is appropriate to the responsibilities. Giving one another the opportunity to contribute meaningfully.
  • Inclusiveness – Making people feel welcome. Accepting of differences, and allowing people to feel safe and included. Protecting the right for each person to be who they are.
  • Respect/Gratitude – Showing each other that they are valued and appreciated, through word and action. Choosing your words carefully with the understanding that words can heal or hurt. Letting people know that their work and contributions are important and needed. Valuing and respecting the food we grow and the farmers who grow it. Showing each other respect by being honest and kind.
  • Integrity – Acting fairly, and with honesty. Putting aside self-interest for the interests of the group. Insisting on the sanctity of our values. Encouraging good, helpful behaviours, and discouraging unhelpful ones.

Many many thank you’s go to Jane Fernyhough as our strategic planning facilitator. Her guidance through a very difficult process of finding our collective identity has been paramount to navigating through the loss of Mary’s guidance.

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