Kareno and dedicated volunteers

Kareno and super volunteers

There are many reasons why we miss Mary. And this story has Mary written all over it.

Years ago, when the farm was newly established in Terra Nova, the City of Richmond wisely made the Buemann Garage off limits to The Sharing Farm. We are very good at “temporarily” inhabiting spaces.

In classic Mary style, she asked to store just a few items in the garage, and was repeatedly told no way. Somehow she wrangled permission to store just one thing in the garage. Once she had the key, however, the rest became history.

As the farm has grown over the years, we’ve come to use the garage so much that it has become an absolute necessity. It’s the base of operations for the farm team. Kareno’s, our Farm Manager, desk is in there. It even manages to make brief appearances for the short moments in time it’s not being used for everything else. It’s a store room, a workshop, post harvest fruit and vegetable processing, the only viable location for the cooler to store produce awaiting distribution, the staging area for pick up and eventual distribution to needy families throughout Richmond, and any other need that can suddenly arise.

If you need to find someone at the Farm or want to know what’s going on, the first stop is the Garage. It’s our Hub.

More amazing produce

More amazing produce

Kareno, with the other few farm staff and interns, manage to orchestrate the over 1,000 volunteers that came through the farm last year through our Hub. The result was over 12,000 pounds of the freshest and most nutritious fruits and vegetables donated to needy families throughout Richmond. (Considering how much of what we grow are lightweight leafy greens…)

The Garage is, unfortunately, a hub for rats and mold. After several years as roommates, they’ve finally crowded us right out and entirely taken over. They also brought in a new roommate in the form of a leaking roof. We’ve checked and none of them have lease agreements with the City.

We need your help with the eviction process.

We don’t have enough funds or resources to rebuild the garage. The City of Richmond has pledged a generous amount and we have funds allocated from several grants.

The funding was allocated when it was sunny and hot outside; yes we know, it’s difficult to remember that season. Everyone expected the garage to be renovated, but we forgot to ask the rats how they felt about the idea. Now the garage may need to be demolished and rebuilt.

A complete rebuild is beyond our resources. We are looking for a construction company to take on the rebuild as a community project using our existing budget. If you know anyone, please do let us know.

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