It seems like we just said farewell to last year’s Kwantlen Farm School students, and then another group of, farmers to be, walk through our door. A big thank you to all of the students in 2012, what an amazing year it was. It will definitely be remembered as the golden year.

Thanks to all the students who grew and sold our food at our Saturday Farm Market, who spent hours weeding and watering, who flipped the compost and built new compost, cleaned and organized the garages again and again (Erin) built an amazing wash station, built another hoophouse for onions, and just jumped in on Garlic Festival, Applepalooza, and beyond! I know we all wish you so much luck as you move forward with your farming and homesteading journeys. We will continue to support you in your endeavors.

Three of our students from 2012, Ashala, Esther, and Katie, have just officially signed their lease on a 1/2-acre plot at the incubator site beside the Orchard. Watch out for them. Their business is called Three Feet Below, and it is a Canning CSA. Stay tuned and hopefully we will hear more from them and others as they farm on.

And now, 2013. Welcome! One of the most amazing things about organic farming, is that there always seems to be a new bunch of new farmers to be with great ideas, and lots of energy, just waiting to be trained and let loose to change the world, one farm at a time. For this I am grateful. So to farm school 2013, welcome to The Sharing Farm!


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