While many of the fields and fruit trees have stopped producing and are now going dormant for the winter, we continue working indoors. The greenhouse volunteers will continue to grow and harvest nutritious greens through the winter months. The greens are often served at a community meal just a few hours after being picked.

Indoors, we have been diligently and critically evaluating all of our programs, our role in the community, and even our mandate. We discussed, we argued, we learned, we grew. We took a break, re-evaluated our own thoughts, and began the process over again. Months of planning set up the frantic pace of “typical” week’s worth of events at the Farm. Our best laid plans are often abandoned by a wet spring or unseasonably cold weather. The seasons also provide us with deadlines we can not ignore. Next year’s crops must be planned.  Next year’s garlic is already in the ground!

Mary’s sudden death this year left the farm family bereft of its visionary leader. We had been a founder-led organization. We all had to learn new ways to work with each other and with our community partners. We all picked up roles and responsibilities we never envisioned. We made it through, and in the process truly learned how much each of us gave of ourselves to make the harvest, to teach those eager to learn, and to embrace the growing community.

Our thanks to the Richmond Food Bank and organizations who operate community meals throughout Richmond. They prepare meals and distribute food to a growing number of our neighbours in Richmond: children, moms, dads and seniors, people who need our help.

The Sharing Farm is deeply grateful for the financial support and the confidence accorded to us by our financial supporters. We also thank the City of Richmond for their continued support over the years as we have grown.


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