Weather and Conditions

What happens at The Sharing Farm…

This month was very hot and perhaps a little too hot for our lack of irrigation system. We did the best we could dragging around hoses and sprinklers and using the overhead when it worked, however, it really highlighted the need to evaluate irrigation especially in the new east field (1/2 acre) which is irrigated by a series of hoses connected and disconnected and connected again (and again). If we are to expand into those fields we will have to look at other options, investing in more irrigation and shut off switches. At the present time, we could not expand further into the east field with our present irrigation set up. All that said, with sunny weather comes many hands to stand for hours on end watering…..those fields truly have been very abundant in their yields.


We had an amazing rockin’ August potluck! I think about 40 people came and Kimi fired up the cob oven and the evening ended in dancing…..very fun! It really highlighted the diversity of our growing farm family.

We have hosted 4 Japanese students on the farm. They come on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This has been a great program to be a part of. It really helps to have more than one student at a time as they hang out and enjoy each other and end up hanging out on their days off. Each one of them has said they love the farm.

Farm School

Farm school is running its last market this Saturday at the farm. They have been very committed to this project and now it is time for them to go back to their classes and fall field trips. It is amazing to have them do this for us as harvesting so it is “market beautiful” and setting up a farm stand is a skill that they have been getting better at over their time. We had repeat customers and looked very much like the real deal. Our only limitation is our location. Karen from the farm school did a fantastic job on the winter plant sale for the Garlic Festival, she has been on that project since June planning and planting. They were an amazing help in setup and running the farm stand at the festival. I am putting the pressure on them now to really commit to the hours it is going to take to shut this farm done for the winter.

Field Team

We have been sending a lot of food to the food bank. The fields are still full of food, which is different from other years. This definitely has been our best year for yields! The permanent mulched beds and the walk behind tractor have made our system so much more efficient. The CSA has been amazing and abundant. Everyone seems really happy!

August was all very busy. Just when it is the most important timing for all of your fall crops, replanting, weeding, harvesting WATERING we are working on garlic. Most farmers do not clean their 950 lbs of garlic in a week, this is a deadline that is created because of the festival, which really ramps everything up. But we did it. Every time I am amazed!

September has hit fast, the dew is heavier and the interns are heading back to school. It was like almost overnight the pace changed, from fast and manic trying to get all of our last crops in etc, to fall pace, which feels good!

– Kareno,  Farm Manager

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