July 22

BC Housing volunteers

Garlic harvesting started last friday with volunteers returning from BC Housing to pull and hang all of our softneck.

Thursday, Kareno and Emily started getting the hanging ropes at our off-site location ready for the garlic delivery. Meanwhile, our regular volunteers from Turning Point started to pull garlic along with Melvin and Stanley. They were an amazing team.

Friday, Sasha, Kareno and Claire pulled garlic in the rain with a feeling of urgency. Garlic needs dry skies and soil for a couple of weeks before harvest or it can rot destroying an entire harvest in a few days. It was an all day garlic day.

Saturday morning started out early at 7:30am with Claire, Gary and Kareno. They were later joined by a growing group of hard working unexpected volunteers including Rebecca, Stanley, Mary, Jess and Peter, a great group of UBC Accounting Club students, and a great new family all harvesting garlic. The last bulb was pulled by noon.

After lunch, Kareno, Claire, Gary, and the die hard volunteers started the process of bundling and hanging 1,000 lbs of garlic. They were joined by two little helpers, Michael and Maria.

We hung till about 4pm and then packed up to go back to the farm.

Over 1000 pounds of garlic, harvested and hung in 3 days. Now let the drying begin. Way to go team!

It was an amazing process of community and garlic….


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