Organically-grown pesticide-free carrots.

From Leslie, our staff and honey-bee wrangler, to the CSA Members:

On Friday we harvested all of the softneck garlic. You may notice it when you come tomorrow, as it is hanging in the open air garage (by the CSA tables,) where it will cure over the next weeks. Later this week we’ll begin harvesting the hardneck garlic, which will cure in a neighbor’s garage, and in an airplane hangar in Delta.

We’ve been clearing many of the fields over the last weeks and putting in second crops. This year we tilled a new area, East Field, located to the east of the greenhouse, and the beds out there are finally beginning to flourish. The zucchini and the tender beet greens in this week’s box are the first crops from East Field.

In your box this week you’ll find —
salad mix

green onions
beet greens
and also probably peas


Our CSA memberships have been filled for this year. You can still experience our tremendous produce every Saturday through the summer, at our Farm Market. Think of it as a DIY CSA care of Kwantlen’s Farm School. All of the produce is pesticide-free and organically-grown

On CTV next Wednesday, July 26, the 5pm and 6pm news will be doing live weather hits from the farm with host Michael Kuss and Chef Quang Dang from West Restaurant + Bar. The Chef will also be preparing and cooking some of our fresh produce out in the fields. He visited the farm yesterday and was very enthusiastic about the taste and quality of what we are growing.

In case some of you have any trepidation about what to do with another cabbage, here are some different slaw recipes.

And if you’re unfamiliar with how to prepare beet greens, these recipes are quite simple:

And here’s one with beets and greens:

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