Susan and Leslie at The Sharing Farm donated lettuce, spinach, kale and Asian greens as well as flower seeds for the garden at Richmond Family Place. They have been planted with love and the kids (ages 2-6) all participated with their moms. The children and their Moms weeded, transplanted, and watered. The watering was great fun for some.  The plants were labeled in English, Spanish and Arabic.

After the program, the ones who wanted to, took the extra seedlings to plant at home.

The children and their moms are from immigrant and refugee families who have immigrated to Canada. For some families this can be a stressful transition to adopt a different culture and language. These families have been separated from their support networks in the homes they left behind.

The act of gardening and growing your own food is a recognized therapeutic practice. People respond positively to green plants and colorful flowers. Gardening offers relief from physical and cognitive limitations, reduces stress, gently exercises aging or arthritic joints, and stimulates memory*. Caring for plants inspires hope.

The plants had originally been seedlings thinned from the plants at The Sharing Farm green house and were destined for the compost.


*American Horticultural Therapy Association

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