Mary Gazetas, grandmother, mother, sister, caregiver, beautiful soul and one of the founders of The Sharing Farm passed away this morning.

From the Richmond Review:

Friend Dave Semple said Gazetas epitomized the spirit of Richmond and community, lending her talents and enthusiasm to everything from Britannia Heritage Shipyard to the Sharing Farm.

For a number of years Semple, the city’s general manager of parks and recreation, shared an office with Gazetas, who retired from the city in 2000, and got to know her exuberance firsthand.

Semple said Gazetas fought for the community without seeking accolades, and what drove her was a genuine love for people.

“Mary’s contribution was that she cared about people making a difference in the community and she facilitated that,” said Semple. “It’s a loss. It’s a gap. And it’s one that will be very very very hard to replace.”

Arzeena Hamir, co-ordinator of the Richmond Food Security Society, said Gazetas had a special energy and some crazy ideas, yet she drew a following and what she said seemed to make sense.

“I don’t know anyone who’s made such an impact on Richmond the way she did,” Hamir said Tuesday.

“We’re all still in shock. We all expected her to recover…we’re flabbergasted that she’s not around anymore.”

The family will host a memorial service and celebration of life on Saturday, April 21 in Richmond.

Details will be posted at

Full article on the Richmond Review

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