Over the month of March we have been building a glorious head of steam in the greenhouse. Our volunteers are out in full force and Michiyo, who disappears over winter, reappeared this Thursday, a confirmation that Spring is here!

All greenhouse horizontal surfaces are lined with waves of seedlings at varying stages of growth … so cute. It is most gratifying to see that we have had very good germination over all and working with Leslie, the plantings are on schedule. A full variety of veggies for spring plantings “undercover”, as well as many of the seedlings that will be needed for the fields have been started. We have discovered that we get particularly good germination if we pull long sheets of plastic over newly planted trays then switch to light remay fabric once the seedlings are up, to keep the minute leaves from being grazed by the little sparrows that come into the greenhouse!

We have now harvested and pulled the last of the winter veggies and have successfully re-planted three of the boxes in hundreds of pac choi, spinach and salad mix. The harvested veggies have made their way onto dinner plates within the community and a large harvest of kale and collards overwintered in the fields went to the food bank.

We experimented this spring with introducing two new plant family into our customary lettuce and Brassica rotation … spinach and sugar snap peas.

The first attempt at planting up box 5 with spinach seed resulted in two seedlings … go figure. So we replanted with seedlings sprouted in trays and that is going well. Unfortunately the sugar snap peas … not so much … turns out mice love sugar snap peas too! Despite valiant efforts to keep the peas covered and inaccessible to mice they found the chinks and created havoc. The final straw was lifting the cold frame cover and discovering a lovely, little hollow lined with shredded newspaper and stripped remay … a mouse nest! This crop has great potential with the correct protection … more mouse proof, wire cages!

Thanks to the efforts of Dan’s group, the Healing Garden has never looked better at this time of year and the two Hoops have been, once again, third time this year, plucked of weeds. They are such a persistent and pesky bunch and I am not referring to Dan’s crew. We look forward to the talent Bardia will bring to the Beauman gardens and hopefully to the Healing Garden ornamental garden as well this summer.

This Thursday, during our group break, we read the last few entries in the “Light a Candle for Mary” blog and we were heartened to see the progress Mary has made since last weekend. A beautiful card, supplied by the ever thoughtful Linda, circled the conference table and every one entered their warm wishes for a speedy recovery.

Going forward, a continuous parade of little seedlings will be graduating from trays and into “undercover” boxes and beds … all spring long.

‘Till next month …
Susan,for the Greenhouse.

Join Our Farm Community

The greenhouse club meets Thursdays from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, and Mondays from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. People of all ages are welcome to come out and help in the greenhouse, the hoop houses, and seeding room. Come and learn how to grow organic produce.

If you’d prefer a shorter time commitment, the greenhouse currently needs supplies and volunteers to create raised beds.

Contact us for more information.

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