Dear Friends of the Farm,
You are invited to join us on Saturday, March 3rd for a quick AGM and some refreshments. We have a name change, a few by-law changes (please see below), and some reports on how we did in 2011. Please join us at the Red Barn in Terra Nova, 2631 Westminster Hwy at 1pm (right after Seedy Saturday).
Please RSVP to Jennifer Jakubec, so that we can plan for the refreshments.
  Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project Society
Annual General Meeting
March 3, 2012     1pm  Terra Nova Rural Park Red Barn
1.  Welcoming Remarks
2.  Approval of the Minutes of the AGM held on July 25, 2011
3.  Director’s Reports for the year 2011
         Chair  –  Mary Gazetas
         Vice-Chair  –  Arzeena Hamir
         Treasurer  –  Vivien Chow  –  Approval of the 2011 Financial
4.  Brief verbal reports from 2011 contract staff
5.  Name change and bylaw amendments
6.  Election of Directors
7.  Closing Remarks and Adjournment
 Everyone is invited to stay for a light lunch and brief information meeting about the farm and orchard including our plans for a successful 2012.
We also want to remind everyone about the upcoming festivals:
Our Garlic Festival will take place at the Sharing Farm on August 19, 2012 from 10am-2pm
Our Apple Festival is scheduled for Sunday, October 7th.
Notice to Members of the Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Society
Amendments to the Society’s By-Laws
The following amendments have been reviewed by the Board of Directors of the Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project Society and will be voted during the upcoming AGM on March 3rd, 2012
Section 1. The name of the Society shall be amended to “The Sharing Farm Society”
Section 26. Article b) will be amended to read: “A Board of Directors will be elected at each annual general meeting. Directors are appointed as Directors at Large, and then Officers will be appointed at the next meeting of directors.”
Section 41 Article b) will be added to read  “A resolution agreed upon by all the directors via e-mail and placed with the minutes of the next Board Meeting, is as valid and effective as if regularly passed at a meeting of directors”



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