by Susan Lee Hem

Uncle Joe is an 80+ volunteer, who usually works alone and has undertaken useful projects on the Sharing Farm. For example, he built the huge three-part compost bin near the greenhouse, singlehandedly out of telephone poles, with the help of a winch on his truck.

Uncle Joe’s latest project is a rainwater collection system off the galvanize roof over the cob oven (also his project working with some lucky engineering students)

Now there will be water for cooking, washing and putting out fires (Heaven forbid) around the cob oven.

The guttering from the roof takes the rain water to the barrels. What I admire Uncle Joe for is his problem solving skills, his common sense, his self reliance and his ability to get the job done with little help from anyone else. Those are amazing qualities. Most of the material is found stuff … over the years he has established great relationships and connections throughout the City and he knows where to find the good free stuff.

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