by Jennifer Jakubec

The Christmas Fair at St Alban’s on Saturday, 3 December, was a jolly affair, with lots of sales and lots of interest in the work we do at The Sharing Farm. A few people even signed up to our mailing list.

Everyone was in the mood for Christmas shopping, and we did very very well with the beautiful display of herbs, lavender, canning, and tea. The biggest seller was the bath salts with our very own lavender and camomile! We completely sold out of Sage, Thyme and the Apple Chutney and had only one left of the bath salts. A huge thank you to the greenhouse team that made the herb sachets and to Susan for the beautiful presentation! Between the labels and the boxes our booth looked both professional and attractive.

Bruno and I feel like we have found our niche as we were able to talk to lots of very interested people. Now the Sharing Farm label will appear under many Christmas trees in a few weeks, getting the word out about the great work we do. We told the organizers that we would definitely like to be there again next year. We also spoke to the Richmond Food Bank table and decided that we would both benefit from being positioned next to one another since we are so closely linked.
Let’s keep an eye out for more of these events as they sure do help our fundraising efforts!

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