Once a month, the Permaculture Meetup group convenes at the Red Barn. Jill Whitelaw and I are the facilitators of the monthly event at the Sharing Farm.

There are 450+ members in the Vancouver Area Permaculture Meetup group. Most of them are from Vancouver, and it can be quite a challenge for people unfamiliar with the territory to find Terra Nova, even with the aid of GPS and Google maps. Ten members had planned to come to the meeting on 13 November. Six showed up. Of these six, two got lost at the Terra Nova shopping centre. Luckily, helpful locals came to the rescue.

in front of a refurbished mulched bed with a salvaged brocolli

Since four of the six participants had never been here before, the event started with a Permaculture tour of the Sharing Farm. In the course of it, we bumped into permaculturalist-beekeeper Brian (, who gave us an impromptu lecture about bees, which was greatly appreciated.

Later on, we improved some of the beds started by other permaculturalists around the farm. We raised some beds with mulch and we added a few keyholes (so-called because they look like keyholes from a bird’s eye view), which make it easier to reach all parts of a large bed.

Jill in front of the new keyholes

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