local clay walls

At the Sharing Farm in Terra Nova Rural Park you can have too much of a good thing, in this case water. The farm is at sea level, with the result that many fields are waterlogged for much of the year.
We’ve been putting our heads together and experimenting with ways to extend the growing season in those areas. One possible solution became the Final Project Design of Rin’s Permaculture Class, which involved rebuilding the small field directly behind the north-east corner of the main greenhouse as two finger gardens. For those unfamiliar with the term, finger gardens comprise trenches that, seen from a bird’s-eye view, appear like gigantic fingers pressed into the ground.

The deepest finger garden is on the east side, by the ditch. It includes walls made from the quality clay found while digging the trench.
The west side finger garden is shallower, to test if such a depth suffices for good results. The advantage would be that it requires less labour when implemented on the larger waterlogged fields.
Meanwhile, another group (Farm School students?) created classic, hay-mulched beds on the large field to the west of field 3 (near the shacks, north of the conservation forest), which are separated by shallow ditches or swales.

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