The wind roaring through the Orchard at the south end of Gilbert on Friday, 11 November wrenched a lot of apples off the trees. It even managed to push one of the apple trees over and left several pear trees leaning eastward.

Fallen apples are perfect for baking and applesauce, and Marilyn is making sure all—whether still on the trees or on the ground—are collected. Kareno and Marilyn are keeping track of poundage.

On Saturday, 12 November, a work party was out in the Orchard from 10 to 12, braving the cold and the pouring rain. Bruno and two hearty boys from Hugh Boyd spread lime, and Kareno, Marilyn and Kimi staked and amended the soil on the pear trees.

The next day, Sunday, Kimi ventured out to stake the apple tree that had fallen victim to the wind.

repaired tree

repaired tree

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