This how it works on the Sharing Farm:

one week before… “Susan, please make us a tea to sell at Applepalooza.”
Four days before … “Kareno, please bring in the herbs you have been drying all summer we need to create a tea blend.
Three days before … Kareno arrives with immaculately dried and bundled herbs in dedicated bins.
Kareno: “Please, honour the herbs because they do so much for us.”
Susan: “Wouldn’t do it any other way. I agree 100%.”
In the 10 min. conversation that follows, we select a likely combination of herbs. Three ladies arrive to volunteer, organize themselves and begin stripping the herbs. I weigh out and note a recipe of the herbs in different ratios.
We set up a taste testing centre. All volunteers sip and choose their favorite. A winner is chosen. The ladies measure and mix enough batches to make 22 bags each with 25 g of herbal tea. One volunteer suggests a name: RoyalTea (cute … but a sensitive political subject). We try again … how about The Sharing Farm CommuniTea.

communitea tea bags

finished product

I jump on my bike ride out to where volunteers, under the
guidance of one professional, are replacing the plastic on our greenhouse.
Susan: “Would you pay $10 for this bag of herb tea?
No, $5.”
Right! We have a price.
How do you like the name CommuniTea?
Love it!” (bright eyes, big smiles).
Folks, we have a winner!
Two days before: I buy ‘peel and stick’ labels. Email to Keiko: Could you please adjust last year’s label and add …. Keiko, who is in a Board meeting Saturday till 2:00 and has to
prepare her jewelry for a craft show and write a newsletter for the yoga centre agrees to make the label for her mama.
Evening before: The label and a poster for the sales table are made. Labels afixed. 7:30 on THE day the finished product and display will be handed off to Kareno, loading her truck to set up APPLEPALOOZA down in the orchard.
WARNING: keep your stash away from your kitty … cats are not to be trusted around the CommuniTea Blend … it skews their moral compass!


Written by Susan Lee Hem and edited by Sabine Eiche

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